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Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive Condoms

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Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive Condoms are designed to enhance feeling and sensitivity. These extra thin condoms enhance sensations compared to regular Durex condoms while maintaining the protection and security known from Durex products. Extra Thin to help maximise sensitivity.

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Thinner than ever before and totally transparent, Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive Condoms offer fuss-free safety along with heightened sensations for more enjoyable hanky panky.

Designed to help you feel closer than ever at just a super thin 45 microns, these straight-walled, teat-ended condoms maximise sensitivity to create an experience that’s as close as possible to wearing nothing at all.


  • Pack size: 12
  • Condom Size: Regular
  • Condom Thickness: 45 microns
  • Length: 7.5 inches


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