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Multi-Mam Compresses


Multi-Mam Compresses treat breastfeeding discomforts such as nipple pain, swelling and sensitivity, with a direct soothing and cooling effect.

Multi-Mam Compresses form a soft and comfortable pad on the sore nipple. The hero of the product is a plant-derived gel that generates moistness, forms a physical barrier for harmful bacteria and supports the natural healing process. It is not necessary to remove the gel prior to breastfeeding.

– Supports the natural healing process.
– Direct cooling and soothing effect on sore nipples.
– Optimizes the condition of the nipple area/skin.
– Based on natural ingredients.


12 Compresses


– Open the sachet, unfold the compress and place the gel-impregnated side on the sore nipple.
– Leave the compress on for as long as needed.
– We recommend you use a Multi-Mam Compress right after feeding – if used just before feeding, the moistness can make it more difficult for your baby to latch on.
– Each compress is for single use only. It should be disposed of after use for hygienic reasons.



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