Emergency Contraception

Emergency Contraception Service

Morning After Pill

Dalys Pharmacy can provide emergency contraception without the need for a prescription. Pop in as soon as you can to avail of our confidential and discrete service.

Our friendly pharmacists will answer any questions you may have in our private consultation room and will go through some quick checks with you.

If you have a medical card, there is no charge for emergency contraception at our pharmacy.

Online Form

This is a walk-in service with no need for an appointment.

However, there is an online form that you may complete in advance to save time, if you wish.

We can have your form assessed and ready for you when you come to the pharmacy.

If you wish to speak with us or require any further information, please just get in touch.

Enquiry Form

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How does this service work?

One of our highly trained pharmacists will see you in our private consultation room where you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire.

The pharmacist will then determine if emergency contraception is suitable for you and discuss your medication options. If emergency contraception is suitable, our pharmacist will supply you with the appropriate medication. If emergency contraception is not suitable, our pharmacist will offer advice on where you can find any help that you may need.

When should I take emergency contraception?

– If you had unprotected sex in the last 120 hours (five days).
– If your condom split or something stopped your contraceptive working.
– If you missed your birth control pills for two days before having sex or were vomiting in the last few days.

For information on sexual health and wellbeing from the HSE please visit – sexualwellbeing.ie

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