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Winter Flu Vaccinations

Get set for winter and book your flu vaccine at Dalys Pharmacy

As winter sets in, it’s important to consider making an appointment for your annual flu vaccine.

Making your flu vaccination appointment has never been easier. Simply book online, or come in-store to chat with one of our pharmacists. We are here to help you every step of the way.

If you have children, don’t forget we are running vaccination clinics for kids in-store. The Flu vaccine for all children between the ages for 2 and 17 years and for anyone age 65 or over is free.

How do I book an appointment?

Step 1

Register for your flu vaccine with Dalys Pharmacy. You can do this in-store or online. You will be asked to confirm your contact details along with your PPSN, answer some eligibility criteria questions and confirm your consent for the vaccine.

Step 2

A member of our team will then contact you as soon as an appointment becomes available. This is usually by phone call, or may also be via SMS text message or email. You can confirm the booking, or choose an alternative date that's convenient for you.

Step 3

We will send you a reminder notification the day before your appointment date. And you will then also be asked to confirm that you do not have any symptoms of Covid-19, prior to attending your appointment in the pharmacy.

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